The 3 Disadvantages of Digital Printing on Fabric in Brooklyn, New York

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The Disadvantages of Digital Printing on Fabric

The benefits of digital fabric printing are many in Brooklyn, New York, but they come with a downside too. You’re limited to a four-color universe, which means your designs won’t be durable. Colours may also be unnaturally bright or faded. Digital fabric printing, though affordable, does come with some drawbacks. These include a low barrier to entry and the potential for false impressions.

Lack of durability

One major drawback of digital printing on fabric is its lack of durability. Although digital prints last longer, many fabrics aren’t durable enough to be used for outdoor or interior applications. Compton advises against printing on non-UV or latex-coated fabrics. He notes that most fabrics do not stretch with inks or fray on the edges. To combat this issue, work with a fabric supplier that understands the nature of your project and understands the different types of fabric. Coatings can improve the graphic quality and reduce bleed.

Lack of shiny designs

When digitally printing on fabric, there are several limitations. Digital textile printing cannot reproduce the true shiny gold color of jewelry. Instead, it can only mimic the colors of jewelry by photo-simulation. In other words, it can only reproduce a design, and its results will be duller than the original. Luckily, there are other options for printing on fabrics. These alternatives include rotary screen printing and thermal-based processes.

Lack of vibrant hues

Digitally printed fabric does not have the same depth and intensity as paper prints. The reason for this is the absorbent, uneven surface of fabric compared to paper’s fine surface. Because of this, the viewer perceives more depth in colour. In addition, textiles are often not optically whitened like paper, so they naturally have a slightly different tint. These differences are often very noticeable, and can cause disappointment when customers are unhappy with the final product.

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When it comes to colour, digital printing on fabric is not as accurate as screen-printing. Screen-printing supplies use pure colour, while digital printing uses CMYK (CMYK), which mixes tones to match the right colour. Similarly, screen-printing machines produce more vivid colours, since each colour layer is poured through a screen before printing. Despite this, the final result is not as vibrant as screen-printed material.